We teach Pilates and the Alexander Technique with meticulous attention to meeting the needs of each individual student.

Privates and Duos

To focus on providing the highest quality, individual attention, we offer private sessions. Private sessions can include Pilates, hands-on Alexander Technique work, or a combination of the two. Sessions are completely custom tailored for your needs.

If you would like to share a session with a friend or family member, you can come together for a duo. We set one person up with an exercise, and then move to the next person while the first person is completing the repetitions. 


We use the large equipment, including the Reformer, Tower, Ladder Barrel, and Chair, and a wide variety of small props, including arcs, therabands, rollers, balls, and rings.


Privates (hour long session): $85. Package of four sessions: $320

Duos (hour long session): $50 each person

Small Group Classes

We offer group classes with a maximum of 4 participants to provide individual attention and enable us to tailor the class for the needs of the group. More details and current schedule


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